Friday, January 20, 2012

Grey Sky Water Marble

Hi there!

I really love water marbles, so I did one inspired by Seattle's rain, snow, and ice...

Blue and grey water marble with Julep - Dendrie and Michelle.

I'm quite happy about how this turned out! I painted 2 coats of Dendrie (grey) and then I marbled with Dendrie and Michelle. I topped it with a coat of Julep's topcoat. These polishes work very well together when marbling... I didn't have to redo any of the designs!

Click here to see this manicure with a water marble "how to" on Julep's blog. I was their guest blogger yesterday :-)

Here is a picture of the bottles...

Julep - Michelle and Dendrie.

Will you be trying this anytime soon?

Until next time...

(Michelle was kindly provided by Julep for me to play with)


  1. Beautiful! I love the color combo!

  2. Gorgeous and I suck at watermarbling badly!

  3. Watermarbling scares the hell out of me, I just know I would be terrible and just end up wasting a ton of polish! This is beautiful!!

  4. Gorgeous and stunning! Awesome job!

  5. This is such a pretty marble. I love the color combo :)


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